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Welcome to JP Sushi, a traditional Japanese sushi bar in Roswell, GA.

JP Sushi has been Roswell’s favorite neighborhood sushi bar for more than 20 years, long loved by resident patrons and business diners. Owner & head chef Young Shin brought his 15-year Japanese culinary expertise to JP Sushi to create a unique but affordable Japanese dining experience in this neighborhood joint.

JP Sushi offers a variety of Japanese menu that satisfies from classic diners to extreme challengers in every occasion. Ask Chef Shin some of our off-menu items he will have your palate’s adventure ready. JP Sushi also has selections for that friend of yours who don’t do sushi, or special dishes for a perfect date-night along with a complete line of premium sake's.

For pickup order, reservations or a group party, call us at (770) 645-2460
or email to info@jpsushi.com

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Sake 101

Sake (say sa:ki or sa:kei) is Japanese alcohol made from fermented rice. Often called Japanese rice wine, sake is produced by means of a brewing process more like that of beer. The origin of sake is unclear but a 3rd centruy Chinese text, Records of the Three Kingdoms, speaks of the Japanese drinking. Sake is mentioned several times in the Kojiki, Japan’s first written history, which was compiled in the Nara period (710-794 AD). Today, sake has become a world beverage with a few brewries sprining up outside Japan, including California.

Taste the subtle flavor differences that three major characteristics create together: Nihonshu-do (sugar level), San-do (acidity), and Aminosan-do (a taste of umani or savoriness). Sake may also have many flavor notes such as apples, melons, flowers, spices, rice, chestnuts, chocolates, sherry, etc. Enjoy Sake cold or hot.

Did you know October 1 is the official Sake Day of Japan? Try a wide variety of Sake selections at JP Sushi and pair them with authentic Japanese cuisine - in the heart of your Roswell neighborhood!

Hours & Location

Monday - Thursday: [Lunch] 11:30am to 2:30pm · [Dinner] 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Friday: [Lunch] 11:30am to 2:30pm · [Dinner] 4:30pm to 10:30pm
Saturday: [Dinner] 4:00pm to 10:30pm (lunch closed)

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